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Welcome to Visible Trends

Visible Trends is web-based survey system that is the most efficient and cost effective way to anonymously measure your youth’s alcohol and drug use and additional health issues. Eliminate your paper and pencils today!

Easy to Use

Online survey, analytics, and controls give you confidence in the data and results collected.

Nationally Known Surveys Offered

Surveys Conform to GPRA standards

  • CTC: This survey provides structure in making informed decisions concerning prevention services through annual assessments.
  • YRBSS: This survey monitors priority health-risk behaviors and the prevalence of obesity and asthma among youth and young adults.
  • Visible Trends Youth Survey: Custom youth survey based off parts of the University of Michigan's "Monitoring the Future Survey" and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's "Youth Risk Behavior Survey".

Instant Results

The survey results are immediately available after the surveys are taken.
See a graphical snapshot of current trends


Add or subtract questions to or from surveys
Create your own survey


Base Price of $1.05 per survey taken
* Excludes customization& advanced analysis


Access from anywhere, nothing to install, all you need is a web browser

Multi-Year Comparison

All data is archived for use in later comparisons, allowing for multi-year visibility of trend data


We handle all the security, backups and updates
SSL Encryption and Enterprise level Firewall
Data is backed up every day to multiple locations
Access from home, work, or on the road
Nothing to install, ever
Access from PC, MAC, or Linux

More Information

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The faculty at Swanton schools  thought the VisibleTrends software was very user-friendly and easy to administer to the students in the middle and high schools. For over 20 years we have used a paper and pencil system. After switching to an online survey,  we will never go back to that. Upon the student’s completion, results were immediate and we were very impressed with the entire process. Thank you!!

Adorn Grabarczyk
Director of Community Outreach
Swanton Area Community Coalition
Visible Trends Youth Survey

The Visible Trends Youth Survey is based on the "Monitoring the Future" Survey and "CTC Youth Survey". It allows for an in-depth look at student drug use and its contributing factors. More...

Communities That Care (CTC) Youth Survey

The CTC Youth Survey, is a reliable and valid instrument to measure the incidence and prevalence of substance use, delinquency and related problem behaviors and the risk and protective factors that predict those problems in your community. More...

The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)

The YRBSS Youth and Young Adults Survey monitors priority health-risk behaviors.More...

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